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The future of mobile marketing is here! Take a look at how your business can grow, promote and generate real time sales through on the go mobile customers.



Entrepenuers and EBC

EBC is an integrated media company providing action-driven educational business programming for local, national and internet television markets.


What We Do


JRB Venture Alliance has a diversified portfolio and a developing interest in film, animation, and entertainment. We are interested in feature films, documentaries, broadcast, smartphone applications, music, and working with actors, writers, and directors.


Promote and Serve


We work for you... to help you work with others like you that are struggling to make your small business provide for you and your family. Eighty (80%) of new businesses fail in the first 5 years... of the Twenty (20%) that that succeed in the first five years... eighty (80%) of those will fail in the next five years...

JRB Venture Alliance can help you learn more to help protect your small business survice and thrive for many years to come...


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